Book Preview ~ The Shadow on the Quilt

The Shadow on the Quilt by Stephanie Grace Whitson

Juliana Sutton's life looks perfect—from the outside. Until her husband's untimely death reveals a devastating truth. . . . 

Cass Gregory is carrying his own dark secrets and feels unworthy to offer comfort to a woman of Juliana's standing. When circumstances force them together, both Juliana and Cass are wounded and afraid to trust. 

Will the shadow of her dead husband's name stand between Juliana and Cass, or will Juliana choose a love she never thought possible? Buy the book HERE.

Stephanie Grace Whitson writes historical fiction ... and

rides a motorcycle. She has  ade a career out of playing with imaginary friends, and it all started in an abandoned pioneer cemetery. This one's graves are scattered on a tiny corner of land near where the Whitson family lived in the 1990's--mostly providing comic relief for the real country folk in the area. That cemetery provided not only a hands-on history lesson for Stephanie's home schooled children but also a topic of personal study as she began to read about and be encouraged by the pioneer women who settled the American West. Since writing had always been a favorite hobby, it was only natural for Stephanie to begin jotting down scenes in the life of a nameless woman crossing Nebraska on the Oregon Trail. Eventually that story took on a life of its own and Stephanie sent off a query letter--expecting instant rejection.

God had a different plan. He blessed Stephanie's beginnings, putting two of her three first books on the ECPA best-seller list and making two of her first nine books finalists for the Christy Award. With the spring 2012 release of The Key on the Quilt (Barbour Publishing), she will have over twenty novels and two non-fiction books to her credit. Along with antique quilts and pioneer women's history, French, Italian, and Hawaiian language and culture remain passionate interests. In May of 2012, she earned her Master of Arts degree in historical studies. Learn more about Stephanie HERE.