Unpredictable Weather

Earlier this year, our local weatherman predicted we'd have a mild winter, with maybe 9 inches of snow--total--for the entire viewing area (and that was being generous).


Even the Farmer's Almanac predicted a mild winter for us. It just goes to show that the weather is unpredictable. God is in control and if he wants it to snow, it will.

Our first snowfall for the winter occurred January 10 -- 5 inches.

The second round was a blizzard on February 1. Three days earlier, we enjoyed 70 degree temperatures.

The storm began in the middle of the night with an icy mist. It started snowing around 4 in the morning and didn't stop until late that evening.

Lots of drifts--big drifts. Total inches 15.

Our third snow came on Tuesday, February 8. (I know, because I wrote all of this in my journal.) That one gave us about 5 inches. Years ago, I would have been thrilled to get five inches of snow. This year, five inches doesn't seem like much.


Total inches of winter snow so far: 25
Total snow days from school: 7
Tomorrow's expected temperature: 72 degrees  

Will we get another snow this season? Only God knows, but I'd say the chances are likely.