Happy Valentine's Day

Today my hubby and I are celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary. Yep, we married on Valentine's Day--in an ice storm, no less. You could say that Valentine's Day is an important holiday at our house.

With three daughters, I always try to find special ways to celebrate--tea parties, creating homemade valentine cards, or serving three-course meals at the Valentine's Cafe (always a favorite). 

And the day always includes some form of chocolate--truffles, Russel Stover candies, or a chocolate dessert. Some years hubby and I will get away--but more often than not, we'll stay home and do something special with the girls. 

 Recently, the girls and I made homemade valentine cards during a major snowstorm. We'll exchange them tonight. 

I found these precious vintage cowboy valentine's online. The little Indian girl looks so familiar...I think I must have received one like this when I was young. 

How do you spend your Valentine's Day?