Mailbox Monday

Here is a letter I received for Seeds of Summer. It's always fun to hear from people in other countries. Thanks so much for sharing your lives with me . . . Enjoy!

Hi Deborah,
I am writing to say how much I have enjoyed your two books – Snow melts in Spring and Seeds of Summer. I live in Australia and am a small farmer. I just couldn’t put these books down. I came across them by accident ( I think I came across them for a reason) – I have just purchased a Kindle from Amazon and was looking for some good books to purchase. I love the story line as I felt I was transported to the Flint Hills of Kansas. I have ridden horses since I was five and now I am 42, the love and passion I have for my quarter horse is that same as I was when I was a kid. So I say a huge “Thank you” for sharing your stories and I really look forward to reading the next chapter Blades of Autumn. I just hope it is available on the kindle. Thanks again and I wish you all the success you deserve. Many thanks LH