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This Saturday, I'll join several Christian authors for a book signing in Barnes & Noble, Bradley Fair, Wichita, from 2-5:00 PM. If you're in the area, stop in and say hello!

Every now and then, I happen upon a lovely review. Here's one I found on Amazon by Amanda Stanley for Seeds of Summer that reads like a book itself. Great writing and such a nice compliment. Thank you, Amanda, for sharing your review.

Deborah Vogts first captured my attention with her debut release of "Snow Melts in Spring", book one in her Seasons of the Tallgrass Series. Just a few pages into it I knew that this was going to be a ride to remember and an author whose work I'll be keeping an eye out for! I'm not a big fan of contemporaries, but for Deborah, I'll make an exception!

Her second book in this series, "Seeds of Summer," does not disappoint! I love her writing style- the emotions are real and natural and acutely felt by the reader; the scenery is ruggedly breathtaking, immersing you in the sights, smells and sounds of the Kansas Flint Hills; and faith is portrayed in a very genuine and powerful way, showing its struggle to grow and persevere in the midst of pain and hardships. Her characters are authentic and believable, revealing the depths and layers of the human soul.

Natalie Adams, who we're briefly introduced to in SMIS, is a young, beautiful former rodeo queen, with a broken heart in more ways than one. Her dreams come to a screeching halt, when reality hits like a physical blow and responsibilities heavy weight is thrust upon her unprepared shoulders. She's strong though, but for a good portion of the story she relies on her own strength, which only gets her so far. She's hurt, confused and feels abandoned by those she has loved and trusted, including God. But throughout the story, we see the gradual change that takes place in her life, as the seeds of faith and trust and hope are planted within her heart and allowed to grow. And what (or who) helped to bring about this change and diligently worked to break up the fallow ground of Natalie's heart, so seeds such as these could take root?

Jared Logan, is a young, handsome, pastor, fresh out of the city. He has a good heart and a selfless nature, but he is not without spot or blemish. This city boy turned cowboy has lessons of his own to learn and tightly held past disappointments that need to be laid down. However unintended, he has taken on Natalie and her family as a mission project, reaching out to them, yet, not expecting to become so deeply intertwined in their lives. Jared keeps pointing her to Lord, gentle and persistent in his witness, but ends up losing his heart in the process. Natalie sees something in him that gives her a glimmer of hope that there are good people out there, even good men, and the wall she has built around her heart begins to crack allowing the love of not only Jared, but God to shine through. But is it the Lord's will for this love to bloom? Can hearts be healed and dreams reformed? Or will the past, and the present, stand in their way? I promise the answers are well worth the read!

Cover to cover, this book is fantastic! The supporting characters are wonderful and their diverse personalities add so much. I was also pleasantly surprised that Deborah added quotes by some beloved poets throughout the story, as well, truly lending this romance a poetic beauty. I encourage you to take your time and savor this book, for as a seed should not be rushed to bear its fruit, "Seeds of Summer" should not be rushed in its reading.

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