I'm a Fan of Johnny West Toys

Okay, I admit it. I cannot hide it any longer. I am a huge fan of Johnny West Toys, made by Marx. As a girl, my brothers and I had a good portion of the collection, and nearly every Christmas, we would haul it out and set it up on our living room floor--mind you, it took up nearly all of the floor. My poor mother!

Our house burned down when I was in high school, and along with it went our Best of the West toy collection. Through the years, (when we've browsed flea markets/antique shops) I've spotted Johnny West or one of his friends and exclaimed with glee and excitement to my husband or daughters that I would one day again collect those toys.

Pictured in front row: Princess Wildflower & Geronimo
Back row: Jane West & her daughter, Josie

Well, that day has arrived. I am embarrassed to admit that I've spent a good number of hours browsing the web to find those little action figures--and to my amazement, I've been able to locate them for a nominal fee. I'm up to four, and I'm still on the lookout for Johnny and his son Jamie. This won't touch what we had as kids, but it's a nice reminder and will look cool on a shelf in my office one day!

Have any of you ever been obsessed like this? If you'd like to read more about my fascination with childhood, please visit this recent interview I had with Crystal Miller on her blog - When I Was Just a Kid. I blame Crystal for my new preoccupation with the Best of the West Collection. Naw, just kidding!