June 26, 2017

Book Preview ~ High as the Heavens

High as the Heavens, by Kate Breslin

In 1917, Evelyn Marche is just one of many women who has been widowed by the war. A British nurse trapped in German-occupied Brussels, she spends her days working at a hospital and her nights as a waitress in her aunt and uncle's cafĂ©. Eve also has a carefully guarded secret keeping her in constant danger: She's a spy working for a Belgian resistance group in league with the British Secret Service. 

When a British plane crashes in Brussels Park, Eve is the first to reach the downed plane and is shocked to discover she recognizes the badly injured pilot. British RFC Captain Simon Forrester is now a prisoner of war, and Eve knows he could be shot as a spy at any time. She risks her own life to hide him from the Germans, but as the danger mounts and the secrets between them grow, their chance of survival looks grim. And even if they do make it out alive, the truth of what lies between them may be more than any love can overcome. Buy the book HERE. 

A Florida girl who migrated to the Pacific Northwest, Kate Breslin was a bookseller for many years. She is a Carol Award winner and a RITA and Christy Award finalist and lives with her husband in Seattle, Washington. Find her online at www.katebreslin.com.

June 23, 2017

This Week's Recipes

Here are this week's new additions at Country at Heart Recipes.
This weekend, the Vogts Sisters will perform in Wichita at The Artichoke Sandwich Bar.
Learn more HERE. 

Featured Author, Jan Drexler, shares her recipe for Whoopie Pies.

June 21, 2017

Time with Emma

We had the pleasure of watching our little granddaughter last week, while her mommy and daddy were in Texas. 

Here with my mom, reading stories together.
We had such fun reading new story books -- Little Ree, Blueberries for Sal, and The Maggie B, and of course, The Adventures of Peter Cottontail.

Emma also helped me with several cooking projects. We made strawberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, and animal crackers. She's a wonderful helper and doing a great job learning to cook! Must be from all those mud pies she's made!

Other activities: tea party, picnic on the fort, riding on papa's buggy, playing with the kittens, and even an art project or two with Aunt Abbey. We always enjoy our time with Emma. Looking forward to her next visit already!

June 19, 2017

Book Preview ~ Grounded Hearts

Grounded Hearts, by Jeanne Dickson

In the midst of World War II, Ireland has declared herself neutral. Troops found on Irish soil must be reported and interned, no matter which side they are fighting for. When midwife Nan O’Neil finds a wounded young Canadian pilot at her door, she knows she’s taking a huge risk by letting him in. Not only is she a widow living alone, but if caught harboring a combatant, she’ll face imprisonment. 

Still, something compels Nan to take in “flyboy” Dutch Whitney, an RAF pilot whose bomber has just crashed over County Clare. While she tends to his wounds and gives him a secret place of refuge, the two begin to form a mutual affection—and an unbreakable bond.But Nan has another secret, one that has racked her with guilt since her husband’s death and made her question ever loving again. As Nan and Dutch plan his escape, can he help restore her faith? Buy the book HERE. 

Jeanne M. Dickson was born into an Irish American family, the only girl surrounded by four brothers. Her grandmother lived with them and was a constant source of stories about life in Ireland and the saints and ancestors long gone from this earth. She credits her mother, her aunts, and her grandmother with her love of storytelling. Learn more about Jeanne HERE. 

June 16, 2017

This Week's Recipes

Here are this week's new additions at Country at Heart Recipes.
This Saturday, the Vogts Sisters have a local performance at Remnant Cafe in Parsons, KS.
Learn more HERE. 

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