Holiday Entertaining Ideas

Every year I serve a Christmas Eve Candlelight Dinner in our home. It’s a special way to spend this wondrous evening with family after a candlelight service at our church. See Dinner Ideas Here.

Christmas mornings have always been special at our house, usually beginning with an early church service. Our daughters are now married with families of their own, so our schedules have changed some, but I still try to offer Christmas Brunch, for whoever might pop in to join us after the service. See Christmas Brunch Ideas Here.

Once Thanksgiving arrives, I gear up for lots of holiday baking. Cookies, breads, cakes, and special desserts–many of which turn into food gifts for loved ones. I love the warm spices that scent the air–cinnamon, peppermint, nutmeg, and cloves. See my Favorite Christmas Baking Recipes Here.

Every Christmas I become a Cookie Elf when I bake a bunch of cookies and pack them up as gifts–leaving some in the freezer for our own enjoyment, of course. Browse my Favorite Christmas Cookies Here.