Snow Melts in Spring ~ Endorsements and Reviews

What People are Saying . . .

"Deborah Vogts is a fresh new voice in fiction" ~ Karen Kingsbury, America's No. 1 Novelist and Bestselling Author of The Above The Line Series

"Debut author Deborah Vogts's attention to detail bring the setting and characters to life, creating a lively, enjoyable, yet thought-provoking tale of the importance of forgiving past mistakes and trusting God with the future. I look forward to future installments of the Seasons of the Tallgrass Series." ~ Kim Vogel Sawyer, Bestselling Author of My Heart Remembers and The Sommerfeld Trilogy

"Deborah Vogts has penned a captivating story of love, conflict, and forgiveness that will transport you to the magnificent Flint Hills of Kansas where the unforgettable characters of Snow Melts in Spring will capture your heart. A wonderful read!" ~ Judith Miller, Author of Postcards from Pullman and Freedom’s Path Series

"In Snow Melts in Spring we’re introduced to a new, warm and discerning author’s voice unveiled by the landscape of Kansas and of the hills and valleys of wounded souls. I kept turning pages late into the night and anxiously await the next book in the Seasons of the Tallgrass series. I hope you will too." ~ Jane Kirkpatrick, award-winning author of A Flickering Light.

"Rarely does a debut author capture the poignancy of human drama and weave it so artfully with the presence of setting in a first novel, but Deborah Vogts does just that. And far more. Set against the majestic hilltops and valleys of the Kansas Flint Hills, Snow Melts in Spring draws you in until you’re swept away—and loving every minute!" ~ Tamera Alexander, bestselling author of From a Distance, The Inheritance (Women of Faith Fiction), and Beyond This Moment

"Deborah Vogts has garnered a place on my must-read list with her compelling debut novel! Snow Melts in Spring captured the unique beauty of Kansas' Flint Hills as wonderfully as this story captured my heart." ~ Deborah Raney, author of The Clayburn Novels and Almost Forever

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"There is much to like in Deborah Vogt's debut novel, Snow Melts In Spring, making it a satisfying read. Character driven, yet overflowing with beautifully described scenery, detailed information on horses and veterinarian techniques and an authentic romance which doesn't succumb to clich├ęs. Gil, Mattie and John are well developed characters that struggle with the hurts and disappointments in their lives, their personalities marked by their pain. Drawn together by a tragic injury to a beloved horse, there is still much to keep Mattie and Gil apart, including a family feud, hidden secrets and the defiance of both father and son. Snow Melts in Spring is an excellent start to the Seasons of the Tallgrass series and Deborah's writing career." ~ Relz Reviewz

"Author Deborah Vogts brings the Kansas prairie alive in her debut novel Snow Melts in Spring. This was a wonderful read. The prose is almost lyrical, a love song to the rolling Flint Hills of Kansas. Ms. Vogts does and incredible job with her setting. The prairie becomes another character in the book. It all sounds so peaceful and the way of life so simple. It was a wonderful escape from my technological wonderland. I thoroughly enjoyed this inspirational sweet contemporary romance. With the themes of forgiveness and renewal center stage amidst the family conflict, Ms. Vogts characters draw you into their inner struggles and painful losses. She develops the romance slowly with friendship first and when Mattie and Gil share their first kiss, it is just sweeps you away. What a lovely escape. This is an impressive debut novel and I look forward to many more to come. Well done, Ms. Vogts, Well done! Happy Reading." ~ Mary Lenaburg

"Deborah Vogts, a country girl herself, does a masterful job of creating an exciting story while capturing the gentle rhythm of life on the Kansas prairie. Her attention to details on horse-related matters is refreshing after reading too many stories from writers who wouldn’t know horse matters if they stepped in it. The most rewarding thing about reading this book is relating to the complex, but realistic characters and being inspired by God’s hand in their lives. Deborah has created a compelling story, and I’m looking forward to reading the next Season of the Tallgrass. “Snow Melts in Spring” is recommended for: all animal lovers, especially horse lovers. Football fans. Country girls. Readers who want more substance and less fluff. Rodeo fans. Those dealing with guilt or regret. Anyone who thinks cowboys are romantic." ~ Susan Mires