Fun Facts

"Like the characters she creates, author Deborah Vogts finds contentment and fulfillment by following her passions" ~ Country magazine

  • Deborah sold Princess House Crystal when she was a Junior in High School. 
  • Deborah showed Hampshire hogs in 4-H at the county fair. Other projects included sewing, cooking, beef steer, and horses. 
  • Deborah watched her home burn down at the age of 15 in a robe and bare feet in the middle of December. 
  • Deborah jumped off a runaway horse and broke her arm and wrist when she was a Freshman in High School. Her surgeon bought her a cheese pizza for supper in the hospital. 
  • Deborah taught beginning piano lessons for eleven years, teaching all three of her daughters to play as well as many children from school. 
  • Deborah was an avid fan of Days of Our Lives for 40 years. Her parents used to watch it during their lunch break on the farm, so she became hooked on the soap opera at a very young age. She has since resolved to only watch it on rare occasions. 
  • Deborah began dating a high school classmate after celebrating their 5th year high school reunion. They married on Valentine's Day in the middle of an ice storm.
  • Country magazine interviewed Deborah when her first book came out. SEE THE ARTICLE HERE.

A Few of Her Favorite Things:

Favorite Book - Peace Like a River

Favorite Music - The Horse Whisperer Movie Soundtrack

Favorite Food - Pizza
Favorite TV Show - Downton Abbey
Favorite Movie - Dances with Wolves or Begin Again
Favorite Candy - Dark Chocolate Truffles
Favorite dessert - Chocolate Cheesecake or Cherry Pie
Favorite Animal - Dogs or horses
Favorite Singer - Gillian Welch
Favorite Holiday - Christmas
Favorite Season - Autumn

"Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails." 
Proverbs 19:21