Frequently Asked Questions

1 - How long does it take you to write a book?
A long time! Before I had publishing deadlines, it took years for me to write a book. What can I say ... It still does.

2 - What is your work day like?
A typical day begins with breakfast & devotions, and then I check my e-mail. I'll write from 10-2:00, take a lunch break, check e-mail, and then take care of other business (sometimes this includes home/farm stuff). I try to sit down to write again from 4- 6, oftentimes hitting my stride at about 5:00. Sometimes I'll work on marketing/publicity items in the late evening after the kids have gone to bed. Oh, and did I mention chocolate? A day without a piece of chocolate (preferably Dove Dark) is not on my calendar. LOL. 

3 - Do you have a designated office?
Years ago, I wrote at a desk in the kitchen, and this is still where I check my email and do internet work. For actual writing, I have my office set up in a corner of our bedroom where I can shut the door if necessary, and I write on a laptop. Sometimes I'll move to a favorite chair or the living room couch to write, but normally, I work at my desk, getting up and 
down frequently for tea, or to keep the laundry going. 

4 - What types of books do you like to read? 
I enjoy Christian romance and women's fiction, both contemporary and historical. 

5 - Who are your favorite authors?
I have many favorites, some of them good friends. Deborah Raney, Deeanne Gist, Francine Rivers, Kim Vogel Sawyer, Tamera Alexander . . . and Nicholas Sparks. 

6 - What inspired you to become a writer?
It's something I've wanted to do since high school. I'm so thankful for the online writing group ACFW, which helped me get to where I am today. 

7 - What is your favorite/least favorite part of being a writer?
Favorite: doing something I love and getting paid for it; 
Least Favorite: having a deadline to do something I love. 

8 - What do you do in your free time to relax?

I like to take walks with Luther, our black Labrador or play the piano. I also like to sew and scrapbook, although I don't do these as often as I used to. My main source of relaxation happens in my kitchen when I'm stirring up a new recipe or an old family favorite. If interested, I invite you to visit my new blog at Country at Heart Recipes, where I share favorite family recipes with my readers. 

9 - Why do you write Christian fiction?
I wanted to write books I could share with my girls or my grandma--books with true pure romance in them--the kind that reaches deep into the heart and soul of a person and makes her smile the rest of the day. My prayer for all my books is that they minister to a reader's heart in whatever fashion God allows. 

10 - What are you working on now?
I'm finishing up Book 3, Blades of Autumn, and starting to plot my next project.

11 - Will all of your stories have horses in them?
It's impossible to predict the future, but I can say that my next 2-3 book ideas all have country settings and yes, they do include horses. 

12- Would you be available to speak at an event?
Lately, our daughters' (The Vogts Sisters) music performances take up most of our free time, so I am not currently available for speaking events. However, this may change in the future. I will be sure to let you know if I become available for such events.