Wedding Announcements ~ Bridal Shower

We had a busy summer with the announcements of not one--but two wedding engagements! 
We are delighted to announce that our two younger daughters will marry.
Maggie in October and Abigail in May.

Earlier this month, we held a bridal shower for Maggie.
Here are a few pictures from our party.

A few fun games

A table full of delicious food that included the cutest pumpkin cheeseball

And an amazing fountain of Belgium Dark Chocolate

No bridal shower is complete without a competitive game of toilet paper wedding dresses

Many beautiful gifts, including this handmade quilt of vintage hankies

And a blue bride's basket--three guesses who that was from

Ending with this amazing ribbon and bow bouquet made by Bailey.
Stay tuned for wedding pictures from the big day on Saturday, October 6!