DIY - Wooden Pot Rack

This past Christmas my husband gifted me with an intro set of Mauviel M'heritage 250c Copper Pans (thankfully on sale.) They are so pretty and fantastic to use...but I had no place to store them and I wasn't about to hide those beautiful pans in a cabinet!

So I searched online for a pot hanger and found one that I really liked on Amazon HERE, but unfortunately, its dimensions didn't work for our kitchen. Thankfully, I have a wonderfully industrious husband, who volunteered to make a similar rack of our own.

We ordered the swivel hooks HERE, and the rest of the items came from a local hardware store, and our uncle's wood stash. I believe the wood he used is from a Kentucky Coffeetree. My husband formed and welded his own brackets and fashioned the rest after the one we found online.

It turned out beautiful!