Time with Emma

 Earlier this month we had the joy of having our granddaughter visit us for a few days.
We always enjoy our times with Emma and this time was no exception.

I had the pleasure of introducing her (and my own daughters) to Peter Rabbit and other stories by Beatrix Potter. Because it was a bit cold outside, we spent most of our time indoors.

We read lots of stories, baked cookies, and had at least one tea party every day! 

We colored pictures and played with play dough, and visited great-grandma's and cousins while she was here. We also had to watch a John Wayne movie during her stay (always a must) and this time we chose The Quiet Man. She really liked it. And we brought out from storage the puppet house and puppets. She loved the princess puppet and had a ball putting on plays with her Aunt Abbey and Aunt Mimi.
We look forward to spending more time with Emma this summer!
Enjoy the moments . . .