DIY Crafting Project ~Decorated Milk Can Treasures

This past fall I managed to complete a craft project that I had been wanting to make--Decorated Milk Can Treasures. I had "inherited" a set of old milk cans from my grandma that I knew would make a wonderful housewarming gift for my daughter (and me). 

First I researched DIY ideas on Pinterest and finally settled on a design I liked.
Next, we had the cans sandblasted rather than trying to remove the rust with chemicals.
I wrapped the handles with painters' tape and spray painted each of the cans--
one a Rust-Oleum Wildflower Blue Satin, and the other a Krylon Gloss Cherry Red, giving them both two coats. 
Then I accented the lid, handles, and rooster design with a Rust-Oleum Brown Hammered Paint and Primer. I made a rooster template out of cardboard using a picture I found online and taped it to the dry painted cans.
To finish the project, I decorated the cans with some rafia and a set of cow bell ornaments.
Unfortunately, I failed to get a picture of the red can before giving it to my daughter,
but I love the blue can that earned a place in my kitchen.
What about you? Do you have a favorite DIY project in your home?