Wine Cork Crafts ~ Ornaments

I like to collect wine corks from favorite wines that we try.
I also like to make wine cork crafts. So far, I've made a wine cork wreath and these sweet ornaments we made a few years ago.
Materials needed: wine corks, medium-sized buttons, craft wire, rafia, hot glue, needle-nosed pliers, and a variety of beads and charms.

To begin, we glued buttons to the top and bottom of each cork, making sure not to place glue in the center. Then we curved a one-inch piece of wire with our pliers and stuck it into the button holes at the top of each cork to make the hanger. We did the same to the bottom, creating a ring for our pendants to hang on. 

To make the pendants, we used a 1-3 inch piece of wire and strung it with beads and charms, then hooked the top to the bottom ring on the cork.  
The project was a bit time consuming, but it was a fun for us to do one afternoon as we prepared for Christmas! Do you enjoy making wine cork crafts?