Christmas Eve Tradition

This month, I've shared with you a few of our family Christmas traditions, including our ongoing collection of angel ornaments for our Christmas tree. My favorite tradition, however, is when we celebrate Christmas Eve with a candlelight service at our church, which closes with the hymn Silent Night. 

After the service, we traipse back to our warm, comfy home for a shared dinner with my parents. The candles are lit, some music is turned on, and the table is set with my favorite crystal and china dishes. This year I plan to make Christmas Pie with Creamy Vegetable Soup and Crescent Rolls. And for dessert, something chocolate, and possibly Cream Brulee. After dinner, we’ll gather in the living room where we'll open our presents leaving our stockings for Christmas morning. 

Oh the joys of Christmas. Spending cherished time with loved ones and celebrating the gift of our Savior’s birth. May each of you be blessed this Christmas.