Book Preview ~ Wren

Wren, by Julane Hiebert

Wren Wenghold is not one to waste time or seek advice. Fearful that her uncle will insist on finding her a mail-order husband, and even more afraid she will end up with the likes of the crude cowboy, Sam Mason, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Her advertisement for a husband receives only one reply, but--determined to arrive in Kansas with a man--she accepts it and hopes for the best. 

When the consequences of her impulsive behavior begin to overtake her, will she be able to undo the damage? Buy the book HERE.

The daughter of a cowboy, and named after a character in a Western magazine, Julane Hiebert's love for the Kansas prairie comes naturally. While encouraged to pen the family's story of raising two daughters with an incurable neuromuscular disease, she has chosen to incorporate the lessons learned into the lives of the characters in her novels. 

She has served as President of her writing group, Christian Writers Fellowship, in Girard, Kansas, and is currently the chairman of the Called to Write conference held each spring in Pittsburg, Kansas. She enjoys music, reading, junk shopping, and chocolate--mostly chocolate. Julane has a passion to present God's truth in everyday events, with ordinary not-too-perfect characters. Learn more about Julane HERE.