Called to Write Conference 2015

 APRIL 9-11, 2015

4020 Parkview Drive 
Pittsburg, KS 

Featured Presenters - 

Kathleen Y'Barbo, Ramona Tucker, Jean Wynn, and Jane Landreth

Kathleen Y’Barbo is the best-selling, award-winning author of more than forty novels, novellas, and young adult books. In all, more than one million copies of her books are currently in print in the US and abroad, and her books have been translated into Dutch, German, and Spanish, to name a few. A tenth-generation Texan, Kathleen Y’Barbo has four children of her own as well as seven bonus kids she gladly inherited when she married her own hero in combat boots (read about their real-life romance here!). Kathleen is proud to be a military wife, even if it did mean giving up her Texas drivers license.

Ramona Cramer Tucker, Editorial Director of OakTara (, has been on 
the cutting-edge of mainstream and inspirational publishing for over 30 years in a wide variety of positions, including: Senior Editor, Tyndale House Publishers; Editor, Today’s Christian Woman magazine and Executive Editor,Virtue magazine (Christianity Today, International); Editorial Director, Harold Shaw Publishers (now WaterBrook/Random House); as a freelance writer, editor, and/or editorial strategist for Simon & Schuster, Random House, Viking-Penguin, Zondervan, Nelson, Baker/Revell, InterVarsity, Howard, David C. Cook, Barbour, HarperCollins, Summerside/Guideposts, Wiley, Chosen, and other publishers. 

Jeane Wynn of Wynn-Wynn Media was launched in 2001 to provide strategically targeted publicity services, thus leveraging media relationships and maximizing forward momentum for our clients. Yeah, not so much. We’d like to say there was a giant master formula with well-thought-out steps, start-up capital, and a killer business plan. But that just isn’t what went down.

What happened is that Jeane thought it would be fun to work on publicity for a few books on a freelance basis. She’d been in Christian publishing since 1989, when she started in sales at NavPress. So, we took a leap, Jeane quit her job, and Wynn-Wynn Media was born. Things didn’t take off right away—and Jeane began to think she might need to do some substitute teaching—but then we were hired for a five-book contract, and the rest is the proverbial history. While we work very hard for our clients and invest significant time and effort on strategy, the success we’ve enjoyed at Wynn-Wynn Media is due not to any expert “strategery” on our parts but to the grace and mercy of our God who has blessed us in spite of ourselves. For that we are greatly appreciative.

Jane Landreth has been a Christian freelance writer for thirty-five years with over 2000 stories, articles, games, puzzles and various manuscripts published in religious magazines. She has also written several children’s Bible curriculums, a newspaper column, edited a Christian school first grade reading program and co-authored seven creative idea books. She has published six children’s books with Barbour Publishers and will soon have another children’s book out. Some of her material has been translated into various languages such as Russian, Romanian, Haitian, Creole and Spanish. She taught writing at Ozark Technical College in Springfield, MO, and at the present teaches “Writing Your Memoirs” at NCCC. For ten years, Jane taught three college level writing classes for the Institute of Children’s Literature, a distance-learning school. Jane was asked in 1995 to travel to Belarus (a break-off country of the Soviet Union) to teach Sunday school teachers how to write and prepare Bible material for their children’s class. She went again the next year and taught teachers/leaders in the Bible Institute in Minks, Belarus.

This year, special services will also be offered for Website/Blog and Social Media Help; Author photographs, and for encouragement. There is also a writing contest (deadline March 1). See more about the conference HERE.