Old Soldiers & Sailors Reunion

Every year we celebrate what we fondly call "Bean Week" in our hometown. This year marks the 141st Annual Old Soldiers and Sailors Reunion that first began in 1873. 

Last night we attended the annual rodeo and watched participants from many different states compete. 

Here's a shot our youngest daughter took of a barrel racer. 

On Friday night, navy beans are served in huge black kettles to anyone who wants them. Folks from miles around bring their pots and containers to collect beans for their family supper. 

Here's the recipe:

1400 pounds Great Northern Beans
125 pounds bacon
50 pounds onion
Water as needed
Salt and Pepper to taste

7:00 AM - Wash and soak the beans. Hang 53 cast iron kettles on steel-pipe cooking racks. Divide beans among the kettles; divide and add other ingredients.

11:00 AM - Ignite wood kindling beneath the kettles, adding wood as needed. 

6:00 PM - Serve the beans!