Flower Beds and Rainbows

This past weekend, I talked my husband into doing a few honey-dos that I'd been dreaming about for awhile. 

You see, years ago I planted a flower bed in the front yard with iris, daffodils, peonies, wild day lilies, and this cute little evergreen bush. Over the years, however, my "little" bush became a great, big, gigantic bush that had since taken over much of my flowering bulbs. I dreamed of cutting that monster down. But alas, my husband liked it. Said it was the one tree that actually grew on our property! 

It took some doing, but our daughters and I finally convinced him it needed to go. He attacked it with his Bobcat loader and saw and it was gone within minutes.

Now our youngest daughter has the fun job of planning a new flower bed that will include new wild flowers along with the existing bulbs, driftwood, and some foundation rocks from an early pioneer cabin that was once on our land. I'll be sure to post pictures when it is finished.

Hubby also made me a wind chime this weekend. Don't you just love summer! In closing, here's a gorgeous double rainbow we spotted after a recent rain. Rainbows are such wonderful reminders of God's promises and His love for us and His creation. What about you? Do you have any special honey-dos you've been dreaming about? Share here in the comments below.