Christmas with Emma

This past Christmas we had the joy of sharing some extra special time with our little granddaughter, who is already nine months old, and growing so fast we can hardly keep up with her. 

Already, she is crawling around and pulling herself up to a standing position. Watch out, Mom and Dad, here she comes!

She loves mealtime, too, and eagerly waits for those fruits and vegetables. Hurry up Mom! Here she is showing us how she claps.

Our daughters, the "aunties" love spending time with Emma.

 They gave her a cute little tea set and can hardly wait to have tea parties and watch Jane Austin movies with her. 

Though right now, she's perfectly content to play with the wrapping paper.

She loved her little doll that we gave her for Christmas. It's such fun to watch her carry it around and talk to it. 

I'm trying to teach her mom how to give Emma a curly-top. Too sweet! And check out those baby blue eyes.