Colorado Elk Hunt

Here with his brother before they pick up the rest of the crew.
It has been about five years since my husband has gone on an elk hunt. This October, he loaded up with his brother, my brother, and a friend and headed to the West Elk Wilderness near Gunnison, CO. 

At their base camp with one of our beloved horses.
They haul their horses and pack into the mountains for two weeks of extreme, primitive, manly fun. (Think fourteen days without a shower.) He always brings back stories about their adventures--black bears, blizzards, riding trails in the pitch of night.

Waking up to snowfall on a previous hunt
Me, I'd rather stay home where I can sleep in my soft bed. I don't mind camping in the summer, but add snow, bears, and no bathroom to the equation and you can call me a sissy. I checked the weather forecast, and it appears they've had some snow where they are. Since there is no communication until he returns to "society" I'll continue praying for his safety. Will share news when he gets home and hopefully a picture or two from this year's hunt.