National Tallgrass Prairie Preserve

 If you ever travel through Strong City, KS, be sure to visit the National Tallgrass Prairie Preserve, located 2 miles north on National Scenic Byway K-177. They have added a lot of great stuff to this place in the last year, so be sure to check out the visitor's center as well as the building structures. 

In 1881, Stephen F Jones completed the three story stone mansion at a cost of $25,000. I don't know about you, but I think I could have handled living in such a home back then. 

A short time later, construction of a massive three-story barn and stable was completed, measuring 110 x 60 feet and costing $15,000.

We loved the barn cat...and I think she loved us, too. 

What a view from the second floor of the barn.

I especially enjoyed the lower level tour of the barn, which had always been closed to tourists before. Loved the old buckboard and stables.

I can just imagine climbing this tree. It would have made a great tree house! 

Mr. Jones also built the Lower Fox Creek School for his daughter and neighboring children, which sets about a mile from the home. Jones sold his property in 1888, having only lived lived in this home for 9 1/2 years.