Flint Hills Wild Horses

On a recent trip to the Flint Hills we were fortunate to see a couple herds of wild mustangs. 

These were seen on our drive NE of Rosalia on Ivanpah-Salyard Road.

 The wild horses pasture on this ranch, also known as long-term holding facitilies, when older mustangs are shipped to large, privately-owned pastures to live out their days. The BLM does this as a way to control the heavily populated mustang herds in the West as well as manage the forage for them there. 

It seems like a great way to live out their days. Green pasture. Blue sky.

 This drive reminded me of a Colorado mountain plateau, without the altitude. So peaceful and beautiful.

 The horses grazed undisturbed while our cameras zoomed in as close as possible.

This fellow gazed at us while we quickly captured his snapshot.