Flint Hills Road Trip ~ Ivanpah to Battlecreek

 Last week our youngest daughter, our pastor's wife, and I had a chance to take a trip into the Flint Hills for some back road exploration. 

We turned east on 20th road, just north of Rosalia and crossed a cattle guard onto Ivanpah Road. We crossed a lot of cattle guards on this trip. 

We saw lots of limestone and flint rock.

And lots of lush, green pastureland.

We drove over some really bumpy roads. 

And saw lots of wide open spaces. 

We saw some beautiful country. 

So peaceful here. 

From Ivanpah, we headed north on Salyard Road and had a picnic at this creek.

We even saw some wild horses on this road. (I'll share more about them in another post.)

Then headed back west on Battlecreek Road to Cassoday. Next time I'll share some pictures from our visit to Teter Rock--another bumpy drive.