Luther as He Grows

8 weeks - Luther loved to sleep in his box
I thought I'd share some more pictures of Luther, our Christmas Labrador puppy. He arrived here at eight weeks, and he is now 13 weeks old. He's kind of an "inside-outside" dog, staying inside most of the time. We're trying to train him to stay in the kitchen--though he tends to push his borders from time-to-time. 

10 weeks - Adorable
He loves to play fetch. And he still sleeps quite a lot.

11 weeks. His favorite toys . . . 
We have a bell on our back door that he rings when he wants to go outside--he enjoys his adventures in the great outdoors, and especially likes helping my husband in the barn.

13 weeks - being trained to lay on the rug
He stays inside at night and sleeps in our bedroom. It is quite cute. When it gets to be around 9:30 PM, he'll head for our bedroom door, ready to go night-night. Last night, we had the bedroom door open and while we were watching a movie in the living room, Luther quietly slipped off to bed. He sleeps in a large black utility container. I find his snores and puppy noises quite soothing, reminding me of days gone by, when our babies used to sleep in our room in their crib. And he's getting much better about having to get up at night to do his thing. Which is good--really good.