Back to School and Moving In

This past month has been crazy busy, but I'm hoping in another month or so, things will start to slow down a little.

This weekend, our two younger daughters participated in the folk ensemble competition at the Kansas State Picking and Fiddling Championship held in Lawrence, KS. And they won first place! Yahoo! So exciting! Learn more about their music adventures on THEIR BLOG.

Last weekend, we moved our middle daughter back to her dorm in college, and today marks the first day back to school for our youngest, who is returning to high school as a sophomore. Time flies by so fast, I'd better not blink or I'll miss something.

We also visited our oldest daughter recently, in her new home in Olathe! We're looking forward to having our first meal with them in their new home soon! We also enjoyed some much needed rain this weekend--2.5 inches here, but some areas received as much as 5 inches! Plus the repairman just fixed our clothes dryer, which has been "sick" this past week--so life is good! I can do laundry again! How about you? What is happening in your life that you want to praise God for? Share with us here!