Weekend Music ~ Heat and Rain

This past weekend, our girls had two singing events to attend in 100+ degree temperatures. Goodness!  We made sure to pack plenty of water, but I admit to being concerned about their welfare and ready to attend to them should they pass out and flop on the ground. 

Here with one of their "fans" who gave them each a music ribbon for making it in the Fort Scott Tribune twice. 

They did a great job, despite my worries. 

Friday night they sang once more in Fort Scott, and Saturday they sang two songs at Galesburg Days, before a sudden rain storm developed and everything had to be taken down. We apologize to all who came to hear the girls and have offered to return, should the community decide to put on a Music in the Park night. 

The Vogts Sisters have a new WEBSITE where you can learn more about their music and activities. Check it out and please "follow" them if you'd like. I know they'd appreciate the support as much as I do. Have a great week!