Work ~ An Author's Time

This summer, I'm sharing about an author's time. Today I want to concentrate on an Author's Work Time. Seems simple, right? An author writes. But like every aspect of time, there are many things that try to get in the way. Let's go over a few of them now: 

"There is a time for everything,
   and a season for every activity under the heavens." Ecclesiastes 3:1
Each morning I get up, make breakfast, and prepare a sack lunch for my husband. Then I have my devotion time. After that I check my schedule for the day. So far so good.
Today I need to post a blog article, work on my book, go to town for errands, and have lunch with my daughter. I also need to wash my hair (yes, this is a scheduled activity - LOL), and I need to prepare for an upcoming church event.
Now, the most important item on this list is to work on my book because it's long overdue. But there are also more immediate items that must be done today. Do I work on those and get them out of the way or put in a few hours on my book? See how easy it is to get sidetracked?
Add to this the phone call from my husband needing help with something, or maybe the washing machine breaks down, or the electricity shuts off. And did I mention that I need to fit exercise into this day? You get the idea.
So how do you keep your actual writing time sacred? You put it first. Just like you do with God and family. Put your writing time first in your work day. Place your seat in the chair and work on that article or book that needs finished. Even if it's only for a few hours. At least then you'll have gotten a good start on your writing without taking the chance of getting waylaid later in the day.
And that's exactly what I did this morning--before my town errands and exercise and other bunny trails that try to take my mind away from writing. 
Other time spoilers to be aware of and guard against:
E-MAIL - It's so easy to give yourself an e-mail break, only to find yourself still answering mail 30 minutes later.
RESEARCH - Many times, I'll get off on a bunny trail to check a research item online. One article leads to another. While this is an important aspect of writing, be careful not to let it eat up your precious writing time. Especially if your schedule is tight. Put a note on your manuscript to check that question later and go back to writing. Leave the research for another day or evening.
BLOGS/SOCIAL NETWORKS - Same goes here. Checking Facebook or Twitter status updates can easily turn into a time-eating machine. If this is a problem for you, save it for your lunch break or evening hours.
Any questions? Comments? How do you prioritize your work day? Share with us here! Next week, we'll look at another important aspect of an author's time ~ exercise. Until then, enjoy the moments . . .