Mailbox Monday

One of the greatest treasures as a writer is the interaction I have with my readers. I continue to be amazed that even though my books have been out for awhile, I am still gaining new readership. Here are a few letters I've recently received that have personally blessed me. Wishing you a lovely Monday. ~ Deborah

Hi Deborah,
Just want you to know I just finished this book (Snow Melts in Spring) and it was terrific. I cried! I laughed! I remembered! I repented! You are the only person I have ever emailed but I want you to know that your book helped heal some of my hurts and my own self-condemnation. It is a great book and I hope to find more that you have authored. Thanks for persevering! MS

I had to write to you and tell you how I loved your two books in the Tallgrass series.  I honestly didn't want them to end.  Both are just so well written and the characters are so likeable and believeable.  Its such a pleasure to read romance written by a Christian, and I truly hope you will have another in the series coming out, like fall and winter??? Hoping and crossing my fingers??  I liked them so much I bought them to keep in my library. You made me want to see this country and hopefully I will one of these days. I read your blog and I also saw that you talked about a book by Stephen Bly so I went to the library and have been checking his books out too and totally enjoying them. May God bless and favor you and your family.  Thanks again for two of my favorite books in my collection. Sincerely EM

And another by a 13-year-old reader: 

Dear Deborah,
Hello, I have recently just read your book Snow Melts In Spring. And I wanted to thank you for writing such a terrific book that involves horses. Sometimes it's hard to find a good romance with horses and other animals. I also wanted to thank you because you helped me move on from my dad’s death and helped me realize it wasn’t  my fault he died and that there was nothing I could do to help him. I would give your book a 5-Star rating. Thanks So Much, BM