Snow Melts in Spring as a Movie

As an author, I'm frequently asked if Snow Melts in Spring will be made into a movie. The answer: not likely. 

I've also been asked who I might cast as my characters for the movie. This is a fun question and one I now use when I'm creating my characters--forming a "Hollywood" image for the hero and heroine. I also gather pictures of my "actor" and pin them to my story board--a bulletin board that I use as my visual aid, full of my characters, their home, horses, pets, children, etc.

My current Story Board 
So with the help of my darling daughters (who are much more educated on popular actors and actresses) here are my choices for Gil and Mattie. By the way, this is harder than it might seem, so if you don't agree with my character choices, please feel free to voice your opinion in the comment section below. I've been known to change my mind . . .

 Gil McCray =  Bradley Cooper 
(Curly brown hair, blue eyes, built like a quarterback.)

 Mattie Evans = Amy Adams 
(Long, red hair; blue eyes; freckles; sweet but full of spunk. 
And somewhat short in stature.)

Click here to view the book trailer we made for Snow Melts in Spring.