Romantic Movie Moments

Yesterday, my dear husband and I celebrated our 22nd Wedding Anniversary. As an inspirational romance writer, I love a good romantic movie, and I love that my husband will watch them with me. Two of our absolute favorites (not listed below because I couldn't find the right clips but worth mentioning are Return to Me  and 13 Going on 30. Here are a few more favorite romantic movie moments for you to enjoy:

Pride and Prejudice - Who could not love this movie? And while I adore the Colin Firth version, I have to admit that this romantic moment takes my breath away. We'll watch this movie at least 3 times a year... 

The Notebook - Love this movie. I think I shed tears at the ending every time. 

Meet Joe Black - A sweet moment.

You've Got Mail - Another absolute favorite. How can I resist--two characters who love books! Again, we'll watch this one at least twice a year. 

Open Range - This last one probably seems an odd fit. I love a good western, especially if a little romance is thrown in. This one fits the bill perfectly. The scene where Costner orders a tea set after breaking Sue's is one of my favorites. In fact, after watching this movie at the theatre, that scene inspired my own dear hubby to buy me a tea set similar to hers. So sweet.

So, I know Valentine's Day is over, but do you have a favorite romantic movie you'd like to share? Please do in the comments below.