Country at Heart Recipes

I've been waiting for months to share the debut of my new recipe blog ~ Country at Heart Recipes, and I'm excited to announce that the project is finally finished! (Or at least as finished as a blog can be.)  

Now, before you argue that I should be writing my book, instead of messing with recipes, please know that I'm still working on Blades of Autumn. I didn't meet my January 27 goal, but it's coming along, so you'll have to stay tuned for the finish line. Until then, I encourage you to take a few minutes to browse the many additions at Country at Heart Recipes

I'll continue sharing new recipes every Friday and will probably throw in an occasional favorite from time to time. One cool item is the Featured Authors section, where I'll post favorite recipes from Christian authors twice a month--beginning next Monday, February 6!

So, please, take a moment and visit my recipe blog. Enjoy the pictures and let your mouth water. Print off a recipe or two, and Follow Me so you don't miss out on any new recipes! Oh, and be sure to tell your friends about the new blog, as I'd really appreciate the support on this new project! 

Thanks for your friendship. Enjoy the moments . . .