Favorite Christmas Memory

When I was ten or eleven years old, I remember looking out the window at bedtime as it had started to snow. Now mind you, it wasn’t one of those icy, frigid snowstorms Kansas is well-known for, but rather a gentle snowfall with flakes as big as silver dollars. Dressed in my pajamas, robe, and rubber boots, I sneaked out the door of our old farmhouse onto the porch and gazed up at the beautiful site. Unable to stay put for long, I took off on a stroll beneath the tall, eastern cedars that lined the side of our home. 

I remember the colorful lights from our Christmas tree blinking through the living room window, the crunch of my boots in the snow, and being filled with absolute wonder and peace as these huge snowflakes fell silently onto my face and into my outstretched hands.  In that moment, I recall thinking that this must have been what it was like when Jesus was born and how blessed I was to share in such a moment. ~ How blessed we are this Christmas season to rejoice in our Savior’s birth.