Birthday Celebrations

 This is a big week for our family as we will be celebrating three birthdays -- my grandma's 90th birthday, my 46th birthday, and our oldest daughter's 25th birthday.

My grandma's birthday is today, and she gets to celebrate twice! We held a huge event for her over Labor Day, with family coming in from all over the country. This week, we'll celebrate on a more intimate level with cake and ice cream in her home. 

On Sunday, I'll turn 46. Yikes! Only four more years until I hit the big 5-0. And I'm feeling every bit that old already. Aches and pains, the need for bifocals, graying hair. Ugh. Thank goodness for hair coloring. I'm not ready to be silver yet.

Then finally, our oldest daughter, Samantha, will turn a quarter century on Monday. I actually went into labor pains with her on my birthday, thinking we'd share the day of our births . . . but alas, she held out. Happy birthday, kiddo!

What about you? Anyone out there celebrating a birthday in September? If so, here's wishing you a great year of love and happiness, and an abundance of God's blessings on your life.