Patching Jeans

Twice a year, I'm called on by my dear hubby to use my years of prowess as a seamstress and patch his work jeans

Ugh! Now mind you, I enjoy sewing--skirts, jackets, dresses, and even doll clothes, but patching jeans ranks right up there with my most dreaded chores. Not only is the denim material heavy and hard to work with, but the tears normally occur in hard to reach places such as the knees or crotch. Argh...

For at least a month prior to this task, I find myself debating whether to throw the worn jeans away, use them as rags, or recycle them into a quilt or rug. But then, inevitably, I'll hear a voice in my head about how much money I'll save by repairing them, or how much more comfortable hubby will be to wear a "broke-in" pair of jeans.

Ah, honey, I love you--I honestly do. Why else would I patch your jeans??? Six pairs of jeans later, along with two broken needles and at least one pricked finger, I manage to get through the pile and am able to breathe a sigh of relief--glad that it'll be another 6-9 months before I have to do this again!

How about you? Do you have a chore you despise?