Camping Vacation - Silverton, CO

 This past month my family and I went on a vacation to Silverton, CO, a favorite camping destination of ours. We haven't had a vacation for 5 years, so this one was highly anticipated all summer. Especially so, since we met our oldest daughter and her husband from Phoenix there.

We like to camp at South Mineral Campgrounds in the San Juan National Forest. Surrounded by mountains and bordering a cold mountain stream, it's a gorgeous place to set up camp. At 9800 feet, it's plenty cold in the morning, a few of them recorded at 39 degrees--a huge change from the triple digit temperatures we were experiencing in Kansas. 

I know many people aren't interested in "tent" camping, but I enjoy it . . . just as long as I have a bathroom (even if it's a vault), and a fresh water spigot is handy too.  

Give me a campfire at night, stars above, the sound of a stream trickling in the near distance (not rain), or possibly the footfall of a wild animal or two . . . these are the things I look forward to.  

This being the rainy season in Colorado, it rained nearly every day, but usually stopped enough to give us time to enjoy our day. During those times, we hiked trails, visited the mining towns of Ouray and Silverton, drove to the ghost town of Animas Forks and took in the great outdoors.

In the evening, we'd return to our campground and I, being the camp-cook, made such creations as Mile-High Biscuits, Hearty Venison Stew (with beef instead of venison), chicken pot pie, or country potato soup. 

Afterwards, we'd gather at the campfire for roasted marshmallows, some warmth, and often some music. It was great having our three daughters together singing again.

Stay tuned this week and next for some of the fun tales that took place on our grand adventure. Until then, enjoy the moments . . .