Visit with Sam & Dave

Dave's family and "Ruby" our dog.

Last week we enjoyed a visit from our oldest daughter and her husband who live in Phoenix. While it was a short visit (Sun-Wed), we had a wonderful time together.

We started things off with an outdoor barbecue with friends and family. On the menu: grilled pork chops, baked beans, pasta salad, garden salad, and Ranch Loaves--topped off with monster s'mores!

Our Uncle Bob who is a real entertainer

This was followed by a little singing and entertainment.

The next two days were spent catching up. The kids rode horses, colored pictures (are you ever too old to do that?), and visited a few family members. 

Next month, we're planning to meet Sam & Dave for a vacation in Silverton, CO where we'll camp in the mountains. We haven't been on vacation for five years, so this is a real treat for us to return to a favorite camping spot. I'm really looking forward to an entire week with our family . . . and also the cooler weather and beautiful scenery. What about you? Do you have a vacation planned for the summer?