County Fair 2011

My family and I made it through another county fair week, despite ridiculous temperatures that ranged between 103-106 most days. It's always fun to see how year-long 4-H projects culminate in the judging arena, and now that we're down to one daughter in 4-H, it isn't nearly as time-consuming or challenging as it once was when we had three daughters in sewing and cooking. (Those were the days!)

Here are a few pictures of our youngest daughter's 4-H projects. 

FOODS - She made a peach pie, an herb cheese ring, and an Italian cream cake. Watch for recipes here in the weeks ahead. 

PHOTOGRAPHY - This was her first year in photography, but she's had lots of practice the last two years taking pictures for me on this blog. She won Reserve Champion in Open Class on this photo of a honey bee.

MEAT GOATS - A fun project that began in March when she purchased two goats at four months old. She sold them at auction the last day of the fair and will put the money into her college scholarship fund. 

FINE ARTS - She loves to sketch pictures from old photographs. This is one of Ann Frank, and another of her great-grandma (Tallman) when she graduated from 8th grade. It received Grand Champion and will go on to the Kansas State Fair.

READING - As an author, could I have a daughter who wasn't enrolled in reading? I think not! Here is a poster she created to promote the project. 

HORSE - Her final event took place on Sunday with riding events in horsemanship, western pleasure, reining, and trail. 

All in all, great job, kiddo! She stayed at the fair all week caring for her animals in the extreme heat, making sure they had plenty of water and were comfortable. Hopefully next year will be cooler. How about you? Are any of you participating in a county fair? Please share in the comments below.