The Joys of Life

This summer my husband and I have been enjoying a few music events that our daughters have participated in. Our youngest daughter began guitar lessons at age twelve. Our middle daughter, Maggie, saw how much fun she had and decided to join in. Since then, they've thrived, learning bluegrass, country classics, and tunes by favorite artists The Judds, the Dixie Chicks, and Taylor Swift. 

Singing duet at a local amateur night.

Maggie performing a song she wrote about Bonnie and Clyde. 

Our youngest playing with K-177 Bluegrass at the Emma Chase Friday Night Music in Cottonwood Falls, KS. 

Here again singing Heart of the Wood--an audience favorite at Preaching on the Prairie.

We're looking forward to listening to more from each of them in the weeks ahead. Maybe if we can figure out how, we'll post some music on Youtube for you to enjoy. Enjoy your summer!