Graduations and Hoop Skirts

I know this is a strange title for this post, but it fits. You'll see why below. This month, we are celebrating many graduations. Our church at Good Shepherd had five graduates from junior college, high school, and 8th grade.

Last week, we attended our middle daughter's graduation from junior college. She worked hard and graduated with honors ~ Summa Cum Laude. Next stop Pittsburg State University. Fly, Maggie, Fly. 

Tomorrow, we'll attend our youngest daughter's 8th grade promotion. Next comes driver's ed, her confirmation in our church, and oh my . . . high school. So, why did I include Hoop Skirts in the title? 

This past week, our youngest gave a presentation at school on a person from the Civil War. The person she chose to represent and learn about was Rose O'Neal Greenhow, a Confederate spy! Part of the presentation was to dress up as the person, so our daughter decided she wanted to wear a ball gown. 

She decided to wear my high school prom dress. We only had to adjust the sleeves, so it was a pretty good fit! Then we borrowed the hoop skirt from her Grandma Judi, and also the long gloves and cameo brooch. We all had a lot of fun dressing her up.