Mailbox Monday

It's been a while since I shared any letters with you. Here are a few I received this winter. I always enjoy hearing from my readers and appreciate that you search for and request the Seasons of the Tallgrass books from your library and at your local bookstores. Thank you for your friendship and support!  (To protect my readers, I never share personal information, names, or locations.)

A Reader of Snow Melts in Spring & Seeds of Summer:
 "I have just finished “Spring”, having discovered “Summer” first in my local library. Thank you so much for so sensitively portraying the beauty of nature along with the beauty of Christian love, including romantic love. It’s refreshing to discover that there are still some basic good people out there doing good things. I Can’t wait for “Autumn”. And I’m sure there will be a “Winter”. Sincerely, KM

A Reader for Snow Melts in Spring:
First off, I just want to say that I really enjoyed reading Snow Melts in Spring. I also have Seeds of Summer that I borrowed from our local library and am very much looking forward to reading it. I will probably start it yet this afternoon. My husband teases me that my favorite authors cannot write fast enough to keep me in books to read. That is exactly why I picked up your books last week at the library. The cover summary sounded like a story I would enjoy and I am more than pleased to say that I was not in the least bit disappointed. I keep a list of favorite authors that I check up on regularly for new books. Your name was added to that list today. Keep up the good work and I'll be watching for the autumn book to be coming out. Love in Him, CE

A Reader's response to Snow Melts in Spring: I normally wouldn't write the author, but you made it sound welcome for my response. I have just finish reading the above, and it is truly wonderful. You have captured God in all His glory. Not only is it an easy to read book, but it brings to reality the struggle each and everyone of us has within about actually accepting God's forgiveness and really accepting it. This book had everything I love, God, horses and people overcoming their fears. I just ordered your #2 book this morning. Look forward to receiving it. DW

And one more that I particularly cherish for Snow Melts in Spring:
I just finished reading your book, "Snow Melts in Spring." I am a female veterinarian-a graduate of KSU College of Vet Med. I enjoyed reading it. When I set the book down each night, I couldn't wait to pick it up the next night to read more. As the 1st woman doctor in (a county in rural Nebraska), I was met with similar challenges as you wrote about. In addition, I met my husband at my clinic too-except it involved a bull not a horse. I have always had a love of the land like your character, Mattie. Thank you for writing such a nice, clean romance. Cordially CJS