Book Drawing ~ Praying for Rayne

Today, I want to introduce one of my dearest writing friends, Elizabeth Goddard (but I call her Beth.) Although it's only February, Beth has already signed a couple of new book contracts and is busy, busy, busy. Here is an interview I had with her about her writing and her books.

How long have you wanted to be a writer? How does it feel to see this “dream” fulfilled? - I’ve dreamed of writing since in elementary school but never considered pursuing that dream until much later in life, well into my thirties. As for how it feels—wonderful on most days—on other days, the reality of the dream is a lot of work!

What has been the best part of your publishing journey so far? - My wonderful new writing friends!

How would you describe your books or type of writing? - Something I'm learning is that as we grow as writers, our writing and stories can often change or morph into something different or something more. I started out writing historical romantic suspense but eventually published in contemporary romantic suspense. All my romances have a little suspense in them, and my romantic suspense is very suspenseful. How’s that?

You have several new releases out right now. Can you tell us what inspired you to write The Camera Never Lies and Praying for Rayne? - For Camera my inspiration was Crater Lake National Park—I changed the park name to a fictional name in the story, though. I knew that I wanted to write a story set there when I visited, and that my character had to be a photographer. So, when the opportunity arose for me to write a romantic mystery, The Camera Never Lies was born. For Praying for Rayne, I watched a program about the water fountain design company that creates amazing water fountains all over the world.

As a fellow critique partner, I know the wealth of book ideas inside you. Where do your ideas come from? - When I think back to the days when I was considering whether I wanted to seriously write novels, not just dream about it, the first thing I had to learn was how to come up with ideas—I really had no clue. I remember asking some other aspiring writers at my first writer’s conference and they shared to ask the “what if” question. A decade later I find that I can’t turn off the idea machine—almost everything I see, everywhere I go has potential. If something really catches my attention, I write it down in an idea file and sometimes I’ll end up using that years later.

Do you have a favorite hobby? - My time is almost completely consumed with homeschooling my children and writing. But I’m trying to carve out some time to learn new things that interest me—like right now, I’m trying to learn how to bake bread of all types, and I want to learn to crochet or knit so I can make baby blankets for baby showers. Before I became an author, my hobby was reading.

What are three things about yourself that would surprise your readers? - I’ve answered this question ten times already, so I’m not sure that I have anything left for surprises. I love living in the country with its wide open spaces and detest living in town. I need my space. It always surprises people that I’m a runner given that I’m overweight! (maybe three miles a day isn’t enough) I spent most of my twenties as a career woman, then had my first child at thirty and became a stay at home mom, but my entrepreneurial spirit kept me working at home, too.

I adore country life too! You’ve recently signed several book contracts. Can you briefly tell us what titles we can expect to see from you in the near future and when they will be available in stores? - Freezing Point is my romantic suspense with Love Inspired Suspense and releases in October 2011. Under the Redwood Tree is a contemporary romance with Heartsong Presents and also releases in October 2011. My most recent contract to sign is for Oregon Outback—a four in one novella collection and I’m writing all the novellas. It releases in April 2012.

Thanks so much for being here, Beth. I know my readers will enjoy your books and come to love you as much as I do. Visit Beth's web site here: 

Praying for Rayne by Elizabeth Goddard

Water speaks to Rayne like nothing else on the planet.Which is why she cannot simply stay on the farm and marry Paul like everyone expects. Her job designing and choreographing magnificent fountains is a dream come true—so why does it seem that no one who says they love her can understand her need to create, to express the beauty she sees?

When Jack comes to FountainTech to manage its team of creative designers, he is amazed at the high level of talent he finds there. Expecting to challenge his team, he soon finds his own ideas being challenged, too—professionally and personally.When charges of corporate espionage and theft arise, will the blossoming love between Rayne and Jack survive, or will it shrivel and die like a plant on the vine?
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