Mailbox Monday

I'm delighted to learn that people are still finding out about my books through the Country magazine article that came out last April/May. Click here to view a copy of it if you haven't read it yet.
Last week I heard from a lovely woman who had seen the article. She writes:

Dear Deborah,

It was the photo write-up in April/May issue of 'Country' that
caught my interest. I couldn't get to the local book store fast
enough! I purchased the only copy of "Snow Melts in Spring",
and you had me from page one!

I loved the book, and now it's is on it's way to my daughter in
Mountain top, PA. Being a horse lover, she will enjoy the book
as I did. Hopefully, I can find or order "Seeds of Summer"
Please keep them coming...I enjoy your writing style, and envy
such talent!

Best wishes, BC