ACFW Conference 2010

This past week I attended the 2010 ACFW Writer's Conference in Indianapolis. What a fun five days! As is usually the case, I finally remembered to retrieve my camera from the hotel room on the last day. Here are a few highlights from the event:

Pictured here with fellow Kansans and travel buddies, Julane Hiebert and Sara Meisinger. We drove the ten hours to Indy and giggled the entire way!

Beth Vogt (note the interesting spelling of the name) with our agent, Rachelle Gardner.

I found this young gal in the bookstore and immediately recognized her as the main character from Snow Melts in Spring ~ Mattie Evans. What do you think?

Pictured here with a group of friends after one of the breakfasts. The food at conference was fabulous. Wish I would have taken a picture of one of the meals. So delicious and eye-appealing.

Here with Terri Blackstock at the Zondervan Book Signing. Terri is such a sweet lady.

Pictured with Camy Tang at the signing. I learned that Camy likes chocolate just about as much as I do! But she has no guilt - she's training for a marathon!

Dear friends, Lynette Sowell and Elizabeth Goddard, who was also my roommate.

Brandilyn Collins and her Mama Ruth before the Awards Banquet.

Zondervan editor, Susan Brower with her Editor of the Year award ~ Congratulations Sue!

Next year we're headed to St. Louis. Conference is so much fun, I'm already looking forward to it!