Mailbox Monday

Here is a letter I received from a reader in Germany. She tried my Snickerdoodle cookies and sent me a picture, but I have not been able to find it on my computer. It's always fun to hear from my readers.

Dear Deborah,

Read about your book in "Americas Horse" and thank to Amazon it was no problem to get it here in Germany. I'm living with my family in a small village in the northern part of Germany. I enjoyed your book very much, feeling at home immediately. Missing Mattie, Gil and all the other country people and going to buy book two the next days! Want to bake Snickerdoodles (this word is so cute and I like cinnamon), and wrote a mail to my aunt in St. Louis. Need to know what cream of tartar is. Allready got the answer, unknown in Germany, seems have to use normal baking powder, and tomorrow I try it out. Thank you very much for all the entertaining and cozy hours, best regards – S

P.S.: Sorry for all the english mistakes, but school is long gone....