Little House on the Prairie

My daughters and I are huge fans of Little House on the Prairie--of the books and also the television series. I can still remember holding that first book in my hands and thinking how wonderful the pages smelled as I climbed into the wagon with Laura and her sisters in 1870.

Here in SE Kansas, we are fortunate to claim one of Laura's homes -- the original log cabin near Indepence, KS (as depicted in the series premier movie with Mr. Edwards.) It's a favorite field trip for school children of all ages.

This summer I've had the opportunity to spend some time with our youngest daughter watching reruns of the television series that began in 1974 starring Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert.

The program ran for 10 seasons and ended with 203 episodes--all of them fun and entertaining with a wonderful life lesson. Some people have compared my books to the Little House shows (and while I'm not sure all of the reviews were meant as compliments, I consider them so.)

For fun, here is a clip from one of my favorite episodes called "Country Girls." It's a bit long, but if you have time, I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Question for you: Did you read Laura Ingalls Wilder's books or watch the television program? Do you have a favorite episode?