Corn and County Fair

Last Sunday my family and I processed our garden sweet corn.

All afternoon & evening.

I think I cleaned up the last of the mess around 11:00 PM. And that's after two day's of being away on a book signing. To say the least, I was tired . . . but very thankful to have the corn to harvest and freeze.

This week our county fair begins. We only have one daughter in the fair this year, but she's enrolled in the following 4-H projects: fine arts, foods, horses, meat goats, and reading. It'll be busy, and as usual . . . hot, with heat indexes expected to be around 107 degrees.

So for a little conversation, share in the comments below if you have a garden or if you are in 4-H. If so, what veggies do you grow, or what projects do you take to the fair?