Miss Kitty

Here she is when she first came to our house

This past summer my husband brought home a kitten he found in the pasture where he was working. Miss Kitty (or sometimes I just call her Cat) has become a dear family friend and comes inside to have her meals and naps. We've taught her to stay in the kitchen on the linoleum, so I'm okay with her being in the house on a limited basis. In fact, many times she jumps up on my lap while I'm at the computer. She seems to like the big screen.

Miss Cat now. Look how much she's grown!

Twice now, I've gotten up after bedtime to find her in her little corner sound asleep. Someone forgot to turn the cat out! So then I'm forced to be the bad guy. No way am I going to chance her running around the house all night. She actually enjoys her nights out though--I think that's why she sleeps all day in the house, preparing herself for the fun she's going to have in the barn.